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Welcome to our reviews page. Here you will find comments from Pastors, Bloggers, and Our Valued Customers. We are so thankful for the gracious reviews and comments. Please feel free to check us out, sign up to follow us (bottom), and be sure to check back as we are in the initial building of our site.

Navy Roma Goatskin by Caloca Bibles
Navy Roma Goatskin by Caloca Bibles
Forest Green Sokoto Goatskin by Caloca Bibles

5 thoughts on “Customer Reviews

  1. Hi Ray David here from NC.. how are you..i enjoy your feedback regarding Caloca bible rebinds. Can you please tell me how i can get in touch with him to rebind a couple of my bibles.. after looking at one of your videos on the green Sakota rebind with the full Yapp i want my bible to be rebound like that. His website doesn’t give that information..i really like his methodology rebinding bibles.. I’ve had a few done by another company but after seeing what he does I’m thinking i wont be using them any longer. But getting in touch with him to rebind my bibles is difficult to say the least can you direct me to him…that would be appreciated. God bless you and stay safe.. your videos are very informative. Keep up the great work.. David in NC


    • Hi Ray, sorry about the late reply I have not checked in on my website in quite some time. I opened the contact order page again and you can also see the updated price lists. Unfortunately for Sokoto Goatskin you would have to purchase it and send it with your Bible using the Send your own leather option. Thank you so much for all your kind words, sir. Blessings in Christ Jesus.


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