Order Examples

1. New matching head and tail bands

Here is an example of the head band, it is a goatskin leather headband handmade. The tail band is the same thing just on the bottom side of the spine.



2. Perimeter line

  • Single perimeter line



  • Double perimeter line



3. Spine

  • Tooled hubbs

Tooled hubbs are not raised, they are tooled into the spine of the Bible. This option is really nice if you like the look of R.L. Allan Bibles as all of theirs have tooled hubbs.



  • Raised single tooled

The Hubbs on this spine are raised and have a single tooled line on both sides of the hubbs. The single tooled lines make the hubbs stand out nicely.



  • Raised double tooled

The hubbs on this spine are also raised but have double tooled lines on both sides of each hub. It adds a nice touch to the spine.



4. Dye page edges

This is a process that I came up with a few years ago after much trial and error. As you can see in the pictures it adds color to the page edges like the best high end Bible producers in the world.


5. Stitched perimeter

A Stitched perimeter adds durability to the fold over around the edges of the cover. It keeps them from coming unglued over time.


6. Cover Type

  • Full yapp

Info on Semi and Full yapps

  • Semi yapp
  • Regular
  • Hardback cover
  • Foldover Hardback Leather Lined cover

This is a new style of cover that I came up with. It has traditional book boards in between the leather cover and liner. The difference between this style and a regular hardback is that it has an extra joint to allow the cover to fold behind the spine just as a regular leather lined cover would. It is also leather lined.