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Have you ever wanted to know how to rebind a book or Bible? Well, now you can check out every step of the process from start to finish in Diego Caloca’s new book (Feb. 2019), “How To Rebuild a Bible: From Start To Finish“.

How to rebind a Bible_CalocaHave you ever wondered how a premium bible cover is made? Look no further! This book will show you how to create a premium bible or book cover from start to finish. If your looking for a interesting hobby to take on this is it. Bible rebinding can also be made into a great business or side business. Follow along as Diego with Caloca Bibles takes you through each step of the leather lined cover creating process. Upon completion of this book you will have the knowledge of how to rebind your own bible that will last a lifetime.

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Reviews below.

Being new to the world of Bible rebinding this book was very helpful to me even after doing a few rebinds before I purchased it. There were many great pointers and ways of doing things that I didn’t even think of before I read this book. I would recommend this book for anyone interested in the world of Bible rebinding, even if you’ve already done a few.” – Anonymous

Must have for any rebinder out there. Novice to expert, this is still a must have for your Bible binding arsenal.” – Brian McClurg

I got to know Diego Caloca before he wrote this book. I read review after review from people that he rebound their Bibles for and they were gorgeous! Taking a tired old Bible and not only giving it new life, but with the leather cover and the leather lining… I used lamb skin… They were transformed into supple works of art that actually felt alive in your hand. He shared with me his accumulated knowledge of re-binding Bibles. I was able to rebind several Bibles and was encouraged by Diego after each one no matter how rough it was. He is a born teacher and he really knows and understands his craft and loves to share his knowledge. I am so happy that Diego wrote this book… Well Done Diego!” – Robin Linck

I’ve done several covers before buying this guide and Diego was nice enough to answer my questions. He’s a great guy and brother and I sure appreciate this guide! It answers a few things that I couldn’t figure out.” – Kari

In 2016 I had Diego rebind a Bible and my book of George Whitefield’s Journals, his work was so very good! If you wish to read my review, visit: HeGivesGrace.com

Peace and blessings in Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior.

Jeremy B. Strang – Christian. Husband. Father.

How to Rebind a Bible?

2 thoughts on “How to Rebind a Bible?

  1. Diego. I bought your book and it is very informative. There were a couple of areas where either you briefly mentioned an item or didn’t specify what exactly to use. Your contact page is down so how can someone contact you to clarify what is needed/ideal?


    • Hi Red, I apologize for the late response. I opened the Contact page again so you should be able to send me an email now. Thank you so much for buying the book I hope it has been a help to you.


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