Head and Tail Bands: What are they?

Author: Jeremy B. Strang

As you know, Caloca Bible Rebinds offers you the ability to have a new White Head and Tail Band put on your rebound book or Bible. But what are Head and Tail bands?

Let’s start off by explaining what the Head and Tail means. Simply stated, the Head sits at the top and the Tail sits at the bottom of the spine (edge where the pages are bound together). The head endband (top) and the tail endband (bottom) were originally a part of the binding construction that provided extra strength; not to mention, the endbands give a more finished, hand-crafted, classy, and finished feel to the book. Most often now days, endbands are either non-existent or simply glued to the spine.

Below are some pictures of a Bible rebind that Diego Caloca of Caloca Bible Rebinds recently did for me.

New Head Band

New Tail Band

If you wish to learn more about Head and Tail Bands, visit this article from the National Library of Austrailia.

Hope this helps you in learning more about basic book terminology and construction.

Peace and blessings…

…and never, never, never forget those who have yet to receive their first Bible.

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Head and Tail Bands: What are they?

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