first bibleAs we set out to serve your fine book and Bible rebinding needs, we are very focused on the “big picture.” What is the “big picture,” well it is to always remember those who have yet to receive their very first Bible.

The picture show here is compliments of Vision Beyond Borders: “The man pictured was an 81 year old Christian from a closed country who had prayed for a Bible for decades, and wept when he received one.” ~ V.B.B. Staff Member

We are thankful for their support in letting us use this picture and to help remind us all, that the “bigger picture” goes far beyond having a fine Bible cover.

A thought to ponder: When was the last time we wept over receiving the Word of God in any format, any printing, any version, or any binding style?

May we never, never, never forget those who are in such desperate need of God’s Word!


What is the picture about?

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